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Maintenance Services

We have a well-trained and highly motivated maintenance team to handle many of the problems which can occur within your Association. Having an in-house maintenance team, we can complete numerous jobs more efficiently and reduce the costs to the Association, and manage the timliness of the work being performed.

We truly believe a courteous and polite attitude from maintenance personnel conveys respect and appreciation to residents, which reinforces our mission to manage properties people are proud to call home.

Our maintenance team tracks all maintenance requests in real time with our request management software. We keep customers informed throughout the entire process of their request being completed.

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for maintenance emergencies. They are not only trained in their respective trades but also in customer service. We firmly believe that a positive demeanor and helpful attitude greatly affects client retention.

Gerow Management’s in-house maintenance staff is comprised of Three full time team members as well as additional seasonal staff. Their duties include, but are not limited to:

• Sprinkler start up, shut down and repair
• Gutter cleaning and drain tile installation
• Deck cleaning and sealing
• Deck Repair
• Composite deck installation
• Exterior Painting
• Siding Repair
• Tree trimming and removal
• Shrub and bush planting and removal
• Light carpentry
• Christmas decorating
• Power Washing

We treat all service requests with the utmost respect and urgency. Service requests are recorded and scheduled immediately and most repairs are done within ten business days.

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Gerow Management Company services include administrative, financial, and maintenance. Our hands-on approach gives Gerow Management a competitive edge over other companies. We provide a competent, credible, effective standard of service, ensuring the highest level of owner satisfaction.

Administrative Services

The administrative team at Gerow Management takes great pride in our passion of helping grow our communities and building relationships. Our employees are highly trained, skilled and qualified to manage all the needs and requirements of your condominium association. Our cooperative team spirit continues to be a major factor in gaining and retaining our clients and staff.

Our team prides itself on excellent customer service. When a phone call is placed to our office, an administrative team member is available to direct you to the correct department. For your convenience we also welcome communication via email, fax, letter or personal visit.

Communication: We handle all correspondence with the co-owners and contractors regarding concerns and violations. We keep your community informed by creating neighborhood directories, newsletters, calendars of events and flyers. New residents receive a welcome packet introducing them to the association and Gerow Management Company, Inc.

Condominium Documents: Our administrative team assists Board members in the interpretation of By-laws and rules and regulations, including review of the Master Deed.

Board & Annual Meetings: Our team of professionals assist the Board in preparing agendas and we schedule and attend Board meetings. We notify all association members of general meetings and we collect and administer proxies and assist in ballot tabulations.

Unit Sales: Our team works closely with your sales professionals to assist in the sale or purchase of your home.

Insurance: We counsel your association of insurance requirements, handle all claims with General Common Elements and review premiums and coverage. In the event of a loss we work closely with the home owner, agent and adjustors.

Property Inspection:
We perform frequest inspections of our associations to determine necessary repairs and/or improvements. These regular inspections also help us to evaluate the performance of our contractors.
Financial Services

The team at Gerow Management is backed by over 30 years of experience to meet all of your Association’s financial needs. We handle accounts payable, accounts receivable, and monthly financial reports.

Financial Statements:
Our team prepares monthly financial statements on an accrual basis. These statements include a balance sheet as well as a profit and loss statement. The profit and loss statement shows the actual month, year to date and budget comparisons. The financial report also includes a check register with explanations, a delinquency report and a list of accruals.

Association's Checking Account: We collect and post all dues and special assessments as received and deposit into the association checking account.

Association's Auditor: Invoices are reviewed prior to submission for payment, compared to estimates or proposals to verify accuracy, coded for proper audit tracking and are then are paid timely to take advantage of any discounts and to avoid late penalties. We prepare and file Michigan Annual Reports, assist the Association auditor with yearly reviews, audits and filing of tax returns.

Reconciliation: We perform monthly reconciliation of all Association bank accounts.

Annual Budget: Gerow Management will provide the Association with a proposed budget for the ensuing fiscal year and will work with the budget committee. The budget will represent a projection of cash receipts and expenditures estimated for the ensuing year and will be based on:

1) Analysis of revenues, expenditures and budget performance during the current year.

2) Review of the maintenance projects scheduled to be completed in the upcoming year and their projected costs.

3) Analysis of required recurring and non-recurring services and all projected costs.

4) Analysis of the current and projected financial status of the Association.

5) Estimated effects of inflation on specific projects.

Financial Planning:
All bank accounts are interest-bearing when applicable; excess funds are invested in insured, higher interest certificates of deposits; we also prepare long-term financial planning (5- year plan and proper funding)

Delinquency Policy: This includes: Notification of late payment in accordance with the Association’s late fee policy, filing of liens, and pursuing collection through the legal system.

Legal Matters: We form a liaison with legal counsel for foreclosure and other legal matters.

Reserve Study: Gerow Management can provide a Reserve Study which provides a detailed evaluation of the association’s physical condition. The study breaks down each asset showing its condition and life expectancy. A layout of the reserve fund shows how much money the Association has and how much is being put away into the reserve fund. The capital improvements are then forecasted to show how much is going to be needed in order to avoid a special assessment.